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I have done a lot of research about this company and after purchasing a year ago Im am so upset with this company and the lies I was told. Nothing is working as I was told it would.

I hope nobody else makes the same mistake I did. I have also sent them numerous emails and have never been replied to. They have asked me to call them "because they want to help me". I was the one who was lied to over and over again and I will not call them.

They can answer my emails if they actually want to help. I have sent emails to the resort I bought from and the email that they recommended.

Please feel free to comment on this if you have been ripped off as well. I may not be able to help my situation but I will do whatever I can to help others who do not need to go through this.

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I wish this company died in a hole


Guys, I just went thru a timeshare presentation where I was told that my weeks could be marketed to pay for weeks I would choose to use --- I am telling you .... Their story sounds good and they seem sincere --- they got it down now. I was told this was a new development in marketing but it seems this has been stated for several years now.


We have now been in contact with a representative from Vida Vacation

Club. They have helped us understand our problems and all issues have

been satisfactorily resolved.


Sorry I put the wrong title in on my last post.


As I have mentioned I know that we have already made a mistake. I plan on making sure nobody else makes these mistakes upon false pretenses. If anyone wants to discuss the problems they have had you can email me at

Its obvious other consumers have had problems with this company. I was told I could rent my weeks every year for a substantial sum of money and up until this point it has not and will not work. Please email me and share your stories about this. If you at the vida vacation club would like to explain this I am more than happy to read your emails as well. I have been told to many things to believe a word I here and that is the reason I want everything in writing.

Thank you,


Dear Readers and “Lock”:

Based on the fact that we have asked for “Lock” to contact us by telephone as we are not receiving the emails claimed to have been sent to us, we have come to the conclusion that the statements being presented in these comments are not accurate.

Unfortunately, we have had competitors or disgruntled ex-employees go online and post similar false remarks about our company in an attempt to damage our reputation for excellence. Therefore, we do require for “Lock” to call us in order to guarantee a response from our team. As you know, monitoring the internet entirely is an impossible task for anyone and we will not continue to attempt a contact with “Lock” through this via as there is an effective communication channel that can be used to contact us if there is real need to do so.

If in fact “Lock” is a member, we encourage him/her to please give us the opportunity to personally address any of his/her concerns by calling us.

We take every case very seriously and we will not rest until we have exhausted every reasonable means available to us to deliver the satisfaction we promise.

We hope to continue this dialogue by having “Lock” contact us directly at 1 (800) 292-9446.


Alín Gines

Customer Service Representative


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