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My boyfriend and I were pretty much swindled into a timeshare presentation in Nueva Vallerta at the Mayan resort. Our sales agent was nice but what we didn't know is that we were offered Vida dollars with a program that somehow doesn't allow you to actually use the dollars completely.

This is a discount program really where they inflate prices and then say you can only use a portion of the dollars to offset costs.

For example a car rental for one week would have cost us $367 for one week and we could only use $30 of our $1,100 dollars, where we would be ultimately paying approximately $100 more using their "discount" program and it would take us well over a year to actually use the dollars - this doesn't seem like a deal to me. Now I am VERY nervous about the timeshare we purchased, we are now out $11,000 and have yet to benefit from it.

Monetary Loss: $11000.

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How did you calculate a loss of $11,000? Has the time intervals for each membership year expired?


hopefully you have tried using your Vida property. Vida is great you can almost always find a room.

Their resorts are beautiful and probably the cleanest resort you will ever stay at. Turn down and maid service in the morning and the evening. Vida Lifestyle is a travel company associated with Vida but not really part of your timeshare and how it is used.

For a great vacation just call Vidanta and book your vacation directly with them. been an owner for years and love, love, my Mayan ownership.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1330708

its amazing that they ( vidanta) can get away with the lies they tell you to get your money. they really are pathetic and in any other country would be behind bars.

to Anonymous #1342519

have been a Mayan owner for many years with no problems. Always find space when I want it as one of their properties is always available.

Vida Lifestyle is just a Travel Company and NOT part of your Mayan ownership... its different and not sure how or if it works. Use your Mayan its great! You will truly enjoy it.

It seems as the people with problems are having problems in Trading & Vida Dollars and not with using their ownship units where we have not had any problems. But again that is why we bought here, to only stay here and not trade.

Sorry it isnt working as well for you. If you decide to just stay here you will enjoy it honest.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1330707

welcome to the club

Revere, Massachusetts, United States #1280745

Why did you buy? This is a cheap vacation deal, all you have to do is waste 2 hours of your time. I felt bad for the sales people, during my sales pitch.


I recently purchased, canceled, and repurchased a studio with Vidante and went over many details. We traded a Diamond unit.

I don't care much about the Vida dollars other than being told we could use them for SFX. Is that true and is it only a portion also? Our big concerns are: is it a legit transfer of ownership? We wanted to get rid of maintenance fees which kept rising and this is supposed to be pay only as used(renewable every 10 years).

Will my old resort come after me? Getting rid of that would make the whole purchase worth it. Also I was told I could book any size unit for an upgrade fee. I don't believe it or figure they will tell me there is no availability.

Has anyone tried? Finally we were given things called Vida weeks and Privilege weeks with SFX. Don't quite get those, has anyone had success using them - and can you get a bigger unit than u own?

I want to be able to go multiple places without a problem. If trading does sfx allow upgrades to bigger units?

to Traveler Revere, Massachusetts, United States #1280747

Wow, I am mystified why people don't just buy a small house, and rent it out. They pressured me for $200,000, with 1/3 payable that moment! I laughed, they cringed.

to Traveler #1342513

dont know much about Vida Lifestyle but have owned a Mayan/Vidanta unit for years and have never had a problem using my Mayan property. We dont trade it so not sure how that works.

We also got rid of a Diamond Property as no mater when we called or where we never were able to get space. We always find space at the Mayan.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico #1253655

I agree with all that is said. Vida Lifestyles would not even respond when I requested the same vacation to China that the selling agent for Vida said she got with Vida $$ paying for a good portion of her vacation.

FIRST FRIDAYS are a joke because those that have paid more get to buy all that is worth buying on the Thursday before the first Friday.

Therefore, nothing left to buy on first Friday. Vida even tries to divorce itself from Vidalifestyles saying It is a different company even though they are all named Vida, REALLY!

to Anonymous #1342511

just spoke with Vida Lifestyles.... they are NOT part of your Mayan Ownership they are a travel company .

If you are having problems with them use SFX or RCI to trade your Mayan property never had problems using either of them for trades. Mayan unit have really good trading power , no $$$ saving but easy to use as a trade even to a 4 Seasons Resort.

Cypress, Texas, United States #1230211

I can totally relate to what u are saying. I have been going through the same thing.

I have not used my time share at all and bought it 3 years ago and I have asked them to sale it. They gave me the Global Golf Connection and I paid them $400. to sale it or lease it. NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!

Don't waist ur $$$$$$.

I don't know what to do . I love my Hyatt timeshare.

El Prado, New Mexico, United States #1227688

You are luckier than we were. We went for a 1 B.R.

and by the time they were done wheeling and dealing we spent over $25k. And of course you can't sell it. And if you don't pay membership every year it just disappears. We really do not own anything.

Maybe a bunch of us can get together and get these *** men/women. At least we can publicize it and protect others.

to Philly Fort Mcmurray, Alberta, Canada #1228818

We got hooked into it last year and after having a runaround trying to book something I have had enough we still were make payments for it but as of today hat is going to stop we got visa to stop monthly payments to those crocks .and they can go ahead and sue all they won't .they well not get one more Penney

to Philly #1242986

Well let me know if you want to rent weeks. we need them available feb 2019.

Ladies are planning to go th Mexico, we are a 50 plus age group, 16 of us so, starting to coordinate now.

Please feel free to pass on our rental need to others. Jjmcdermott@hotmail.com

to Anonymous Swoope, Virginia, United States #1257690

I own 4 bedroom timeshare in Nuevo Vallarta. if you have any interest in booking for 2017, contact me

Goldilox17@gmail.com. Please pass on if you know of anyone

with interest in any size timeshare......at any Vida property.


to Sandy Revere, Massachusetts, United States #1280752

What? Why did you do this to yourself?

to Philly #1342506

We have been Grand Mayan owners for over 20 years and have never had a booking problem. We have traded our unit once in all that time.

Vida Lifestyle is NOT part of your ownership and is a Travel company so dont confuse them please as if you only want to use your Mayan unit, you will enjoy your vacation.

It is one of the nicest and cleanest properties you will ever stay at. Should you have a problem just go to your concierge and they always resolve it.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1187179

Actually what I did not realize is it is the member's responsibility to call in when they see a lower price on another travel site in order to get the Best Price Guarantee match...then the Vida dollars are applied to further reduce the cost.

to Anonymous Revere, Massachusetts, United States #1280749

Why are people buying these?

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