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Update by user Jul 31

I have spoken with Frank Luark of Vida. This has definitely not been resolved as they are refusing to cancel our contract.

I have not asked for any money back - I just want the contract cancelled. At this point, I have no other option but to cancel my credit card and stop paying on the contract.

Original review posted by user Jun 28

We purchased in October of 2017 and used our membership in March of 2018. I already did not feel good about what we purchased, but imagine showing up at the resort only to be told "that's not what you signed up for".

We were informed we did not purchase what we thought we had purchased - the Grand Mayan. We were put in the Grand Mayan for this "one time only" first use. You see...when you visit their resorts, you have "classes of customers". Lower class (Mayan Palace, The Bliss, etc) cannot participate in the things the Upper Class (Grand Mayan, Grand Bliss, Lux, etc) can do - but they are very sneaky when selling this to you. They tell you all about the upper class stuff, then sell you the lower class package and don't state that you can't do any of what they just showed you.

On our first visit, we were again made to sit through a sales presentation that was pitched to us as an "update on your properties" for hours and hours. This was no update, it was another sales pitch. The horrid sales people kindly let us know that we didn't buy what we originally thought but that we could cancel the contract if we "upgraded" purchased a new contract. After hours and hours, again, to get out of there, we signed (stupid I know!). You see...this company preys on people like us who have a very hard time saying no to the sales lady who went on and on about her 2 boys with no dad.

I sent a letter within the 5 days cancelling the new contract, but instead of cancelling the whole thing, Vida wants to put us back into the old contract. That is not how it works. The old contract was cancelled when the new contract was put in place. We signed a new finance contract and paid a new down payment. I still have the credit card bill from the old contract.

I was told that they would cancel the new contract "only if I removed any and all negative reviews of the resort" but that I had to honor the old contract. This is what they do to anyone wanting out of their contract and this is how they try to keep a 4* rating. I initially agreed to remove the negative reviews, but only if my entire contract (new and old) is cancelled.

Another thing they sell you on is Vida Dollars. Theses are a joke - they are virtually worthless. You can find better hotel deals searching online on your own. They really push the vida dollars making you think you are getting dollar for dollar savings when you actually only get to use about 10% on the dollar.

We have met many people who have had the same experience. Please don't get sucked in like we did.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Preferred solution: Cancellation of Contract.

I didn't like: Sales staff, Being lied to, Fraud.

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We also got into this so call resort an the vida dollars are a joke. They had us to believe that the vida dollars would pay for most of your hotel bill if you had rank up enough vida dollars. No that was a lie I call to use the vida dollars what was told to us at the time of presentation, I don't like to be lied too, an if averything else turn out to be another lie I WILL SUE for Fraud.


You attended a Member's Update sales pitch. You upgraded, trading-in your old contract for a new contract.

By exercising your right to cancel the new contract (within the 5 business days -- excludes Sundays and Mexican Holidays), YOU ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE OLD CONTRACT.

Vida Vacations provided you with an equity credit for the old contract. Your cancellation of the new contract revokes your equity credit from the old contract.

to PEMCO #1519291

Again PEMCO, as an employee of Vidanta - you have no power in commenting on reviews. You are totally biased and have no idea what each person has gone through and are still experiencing by being fleeced by your company.

If someone doesn't want to own any longer, why would Vida want to keep them hostage? Why not just cancel the contracts of people who do not want them?This entire thing is a pyramid scheme - which is why you have a job!

to slammersmom1 #1520270

First, I am not now nor have I ever been an employee of Vidanta or any of it's subsidiaries. My only relationship with Vidanta is my 11 years as a timeshare owner.The timeshare complainant stated the original purchase was in October 2017.

Therefore, the right to cancel that agreement expired 5 business days after signature. The Complainant admitted using the contract benefits once, to vacation at the Grand Mayan. Therefore, the complainant received some benefit from their purchase, and no court in Mexico would award full restitution of the original purchase.I believe the Salesman told the Complainant that the package purchased included a vacation at the Grand Mayan at any of their resort locations and two additional vacations. By separating the Grand Mayan vacation from the other two vacations, it is implied that there is a difference between products provided.

Otherwise, why not just say you are purchasing 3 vacations at the Grand Mayan? The salesman may have made casual reference to Mayan Palace or the Sea Garden. This probably occurred about 3 to 3 1/2 hours into the ordeal, so by this time the customer is probably tuning-out many of the details.It is not in Vida Vacations' interests to simply cancel the contract and return the money for the original purchase in October 2017. If the customer doesn't want to use the other two weeks, they certainly are not required to make a reservation.

Vidanta is still entitled to keep the money, as the 5 days expired many months ago. Vida Vacations is not keeping the Complainant hostage, they are simply holding onto the money to which they are entitled.I purchased a foreclosed Mayan Palace membership over the internet back in 2007, while I was a civilian deployed in Iraq. It cost me about $500 plus fees for a one bedroom timeshare. I never stayed at Vidanta during the first 3 years.

In February 2010 I attended a sales presentation in Nuevo Vallarta and purchased the same package the Complainant purchased. At the time I realized I was purchasing a sampler package, probably because I had some familiarity based upon my multiple timeshare ownerships. 6 weeks later, I was in Puerto Penasco and the Saleswoman sold me a timeshare at the Grand Bliss (I canceled the purchase within 5 days). Then in December, I was back in Nuevo Vallarta and did decide to purchase a Grand Bliss membership.

When I purchased the one-bedroom at the Grand Bliss, I received an equity credit for the Mayan Palace and the Grand Mayan sampler package. About 2 years later, I upgraded to the Grand Luxxe Residential Loft (which is the level at which I currently own). The Grand Luxxe Residential Loft upgrade involved trading-in 3 other timeshares (one of the 3 is still unresolved).Vida Vacations has made many promises to me over the years. Most promises have materialized, often months/years behind schedule.

Vida Vacations appears to be too optimistic in their sales revenue projections.

Now I am patiently awaiting development at East Cape (near San Jose del Cabo).With the exception of the high maintenance fee, I am satisfied with my Vida Vacations ownership. Like so many other owners, I find no value in Vida Dollars or their first Friday auction.

to PEMCO #1520501

You are an employee...no one in the right mind would answer every single review on this website. You also have an extreme amount of information (stated above) on exactly how Vidanta scams people during the time share presentation.

This is one of Vidanta's problems...they think the majority of the people they deal with are stupid. Yes, we have all made a stupid, horrendous mistake in purchasing at your property.I did not ask for full restitution. I paid for my week at the Grand Mayan so no, I did not "benefit" - Vidanta benefited from my money. I don't give a rats *** that you are happy with your so called "ownership".My review is to save some poor sucker who might get scammed into purchasing from Vidanta - not to have a conversation with another employee who has been brainwashed into lying to your potential customers.Bottom line - DO NOT PURCHASE FROM VIDANTA.

You will read my review everywhere...any website that I find to write a review on, I will.

I will not stop. I do not want anyone else to fall victim to this company.

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