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Upon arrival we had been traveling 15 hours, with 4 kids under the age of 11. We were initially checked in at ‘the main lobby’, from there it was 2 hours before we got to, and were checked into our hotel. The resort is massive. At the first point of entry we were stripped of our luggage, we asked twice if we could please keep our carry on, we were told it was not allowed.

From that first check-in point our luggage was confiscated, and we were put in another bus. This next bus took us to our hotel, it was a 40 minute line to check-in (only one person in line ahead of us). We had necessary medical supplies in our carry on and asked that it be returned to us several times and were told that ‘Anna’ would take us to our luggage.

After 15 hours of travel, the hotel checkin at the Grand Mayan directed us to ‘Anna’ to obtain our luggage. After more than a half an hour of listening to Anna, 3 members of our group asking for our luggage, she continually said that unless we paid her $20 she could not tell us where our luggage (with necessary medical supplies) was located. Out of desperation we paid her what she required to get our luggage.

Exhausted we ordered room service for nearly $200, they said it would be an hour, they delivered after two hours. The chicken was raw and inedible. After speaking to staff they removed the charge.

It turned out that the $20 we paid Anna to obtain our luggage was for a buffet breakfast for our family in exchange for an hour presentation. After 2 hours they told us it would be a mere $80,000 for a one bedroom, one week timeshare. By hour 5 they had dropped the price to $18,000. As we continued to say no they threatened to redact any and all of their offers for listening to their presentation. Telling us we would have an additional $400 in charges to our room for not signing up for the time share.

We dropped our items at the room and immediately went to the pool, after checkin. Which required 2 trains and 30 minutes. Within 5 minutes of our arrival there was a huge fight. Guests were trying to drown other guests, people were throwing punches, women were having their faces held under water. It was a big drunken mess. The staff took 53 minutes before removing the man that was attempting to drown people. Very frightening since I was there with 4 small children. The pool staff clapped and cheered on the altercation. After 53 minutes, and 15 staff members the perpetrator was removed.

My son tried using the bathroom but none of the toilets near the pool flushed. I used the restroom, one toilet was covered with *** Another toilet didn’t flush. That left one toilet in use, which left a 27 minute wait. I informed two staff members about the bathroom issue and they said it wasn’t their area but they would inform those responsible. The bathroom situation stayed the same for 3 days. Guests started going in with cleaning supplies to clean the toilets so that we could utilize them.

We asked the concierge twice about going out in mexico with a local cab company, they said it was too dangerous and we needed their shuttle in order to protect my children. Their cab was $160 to and from the Tulum ruins (I believe it was 20 kilometers each way).

We ultimately hired a private driver for the day. Upon exit, the woman representing Vidanta asked us where we were going, who we would see, and how long we would be gone. I asked her if there was an issue with us leaving. She said that if we spoke to any other timeshare companies we would be putting our children’s lives in danger, and we could only blame ourselves for not heeding her advice not to speak to any other hotel representatives.

We went to management and explained our concerns. They said that we were right and nothing that we had experienced was acceptable, Alfredo (management at the Grand Mayan) said that to compensate us he would ensure we had a taxi waiting for us the morning of our departure. We arrived for departure at 0400, the staff initially said we had to wait for a manager to come on at noon before they would get us transportation. After much negotiation, showing emails, and showing the staff their hotel policy they arranged for transportation at 0500.

At 0520 a shuttle arrived. The shuttle was Cancun Bay, he fell asleep and ran us off the road! As the shuttle started to roll I grabbed my children and told them to hold on and they would be safe. Thankfully the shuttle tilted, and didn’t entirely fall over. We got out of the shuttle grateful to be alive, he drove off without even closing the back door. Turns out he dropped us off at the nearest terminal, not our terminal.

We were grateful to return home in one piece, Vidanta then began charging us hundreds of dollars on our credit card after we returned home to the United States. Stating the charges were ‘in person’ after we had left the country. For our family staying at the Vidanta was a dangerous and chaotic atmosphere. From the threats of the staff (making us feel like prisoners), to the manner in which they conducted themselves (less than transparent).

Everything was sent to the appropriate departments, and we received no response whatsoever. Our concerns were not addressed and we were never contacted by any staff or management.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vida Vacations Grand Mayan Riviera Maya Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Dishonesty.

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1. The policy of "no luggage" on the common grounds is a safety issue: (1) your luggage could roll away and hurt somebody; and (2) the luggage could contain weapons, etc.

It has been my experience that you can bring a beach bag onto the property. Your beach bag could contain medications, sun tanning products, water bottles, beach clothing, etc. Your luggage handler provided you with a receipt when your luggage was turned-over to them. All you had to do was call the telephone number on the receipt, and ask your luggage aide to bring the luggage to you (to retrieve medication), or you could have returned to the entrance location (and asked the representative at the counter to retrieve your luggage).2.

Anna provided you with a receipt for your signature (for the $20 dollars). That receipt clearly states the purpose is to sell vacation club memberships. It is assumed you read the document, before applying your signature.3. Something is missing from your paragraph regarding the $400 charge.

Vidanta does not charge a fee for not purchasing a timeshare, it would NEVER be permitted by PROFECO, the governing agency. Vidanta was not quoting continuously reduced prices for the same product. Each price was for a different product, involving different brands, different floor plans, or different periods of use.4. It is difficult to believe you wasted 2 hours and 30 minutes waiting for transportation to the beach.

You do know Vidanta has walking trails, and it would have been less than a 25 minute walk to the beach from your hotel room.5. Tulum is about 70 km from Vidanta. $160 does NOT appear to be an unreasonable price. It probably took an hour or longer for the taxi driver to take you to Tulum.

The taxi driver had to wait in Tulum for the next passenger.6. Your complaint regarding the trip to the airport should name Cancun Bay as the Defendant.7. Was there a language barrier? Usually, Vidanta properties maintain restroom facilities several times daily.

Perhaps if you mentioned the horrible condition of the restroom, you may have addressed the wrong person. Many staff people have a very limited understanding of English, and an even lesser understanding of other foreign languages.

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