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What would happen if I didn’t follow through with the payments ? Gave them $3000 down, owe $5000

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Can you comment on what happened? Did you stop paying? I am in the same boat and am thinking of just cancelling the credit card where they are charging my payments.


I assume your 5 day rescission right has expired. Most likely you will forfeit the $3000.

It is somewhat unlikely that Vida Vacations would record your debt with a US/Canadian credit bureau. Vida Vacations looks at the $8000 as "equity." If you use your purchased product, you will most likely enjoy your vacation time and want more similar vacations or an upgraded vacation. So, if you decide you want a $35,000 vacation package, you would only have to pay $27,000. Even thou you would have used one or two of the vacations provided in your original package, Vida Vacations would give you a credit for the entire "equity", the $8000.

You might want to contact Member Services and provide details of your complaint. They may be able to provide you with another package more to your liking.

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