I experienced vida vacations group at the puerto Vallarta location. These people put on a nice show at first, free trips and food, but as soon as you say "no" then the niceness goes away. I explained numerous times I could not afford the deal they were trying to pitch. But at the end of each persons attempt to convince me to sign, another person comes out of the wood work. And again I have to explain why I can't afford the program they are pushing. Finally I come to the last person, what an ***hole!!!! By this time I was well done explaining myself and when he attacks my character I told him it was time to go, because if I stayed any longer they would be dragging me out in handcuffs!!!!!!

Given the experience I had I would recommend if you are offered something free it's never free. And when they say 90 minutes it's more like 4 hours!!!!

Avoid vida vacations group!!

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Hilarious! You just figured out that nothing is free??

Wow, what rock have you been living under.


Dear Anonymous user,

We truly regret that your experience at our resort's presentation stopped you from seeing what we really are about; thus, we would like to assure you this will be investigated as it does not reflect our customer service quality standards. We strive to make each and every one of guests feel appreciated and respected.

Moreover, this year we are celebreating our 40th anniversary in the tourism industry. This alone confirms the legitimacy of our operations, as we proudly have more tan one hundred thousand satisfied members and we continue to host a large amount of guests on a weekly basis.

We thank you for having atended our presentation, and while we were unable to earn your business, we appreciate you sharing this with us.


The Customer Support Team Telephone: 1.800.292.9446 Email: grupomayanblog@grupovidanta.com

to Customer Support Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico #874605

Unfortunately, your investigation has yielded no change in your business practices. We just went through the presentation and had almost the exact same experience.

Our sales rep told us at the end it was going to be a yes or no from us. To be truthful, he should have said it will either be a yes or no and then another no and then another and another no until finally you are confronted by a rude pushy manager that has to be told off in order to get then to release you.

I guess 90 minutes means 4 almost five hours in Spanish?

And for the person who made the comment about what rock the original person had been living under... I just have one question for you, do you happen to work at Vida Vacations as a manager?

If not you should apply. It is that kind of comment that will help you get ahead.

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