We too bought into vida lifestyle and were also not only mislead about what vida dollars will do for us but also never understood that we have to pay $725.00 per week FOREVER! We paid them 9,000.00 for what?

IT is a big scam and you can get the same deals if you just watch for deals on the internet. The Mayan Palace is part of this ground. Time share with them is a big waste of money and it will suck you dry for years to come. IF they want to "just tell you about it and you can leave after 90 min." Don't believe it.

They will talk your ear off and confuse you with so many details that your head spins. Just say NO.

Mary Anne Tonin

Reason of review: Not as described.

I didn't like: Being scammed, Being misleaded.

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You're right Mary Anne, you can either buy or rent from Redweek or TUG for pennies compared to what they ask. Before this Vida Lifestyles program they pitched rental BS....so there are a ton of people who got stuck with waaaay more then the need and happy to rent weeks for just the main. Fee or less.

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