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Short version: promised 90 minutes and $300, received OVER 4 hours and $0.

Longer version: We were convinced by what the timeshare people themselves refer to as a "body snatcher" at the Advantage Car Rental that a pleasant 90 minutes would earn us $300 CASH "green money". At the 3 hour mark, after Nick had used every ridiculous combination of numbers to make buying at Grand Mayan seem like it made sense, we told him no thanks and ask for our gift. After 30 more minutes of "survey" with Rafael and such questions as: describe in one word why you are not taking advantage of this wonderful offer, we again ask politely for our money. After over 30 more minutes of stalling us and handing us back and forth between different people, each of whom was supposedly going to help us, we finally gave up and left in disgust, just as like several other vacationers ahead of us had done.

The icing on the cake was when we ran into Nick (the lying SOB from Vida) at the Walmart in Cabo that same afternoon. He tried unsuccessfully to avoid my family, and when I ask him (in front of his girlfriend) if he was proud to lie for a living, he acted as if he had no idea why I was upset and suggested that I go back to the Grand Mayan and "just ask for my money".

As I told of my ordeal to every tourist who would listen all week, I heard more and more similar complaints about Vida Vacations in Los Cabos, as well as complaints from people actually staying at the Grand Mayan. My motto now: No Gracias.

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Thanks for saving me the trouble of wasting my time and energy. I hope they go out of business soon, thanks again.


Dear Sirs,

I tried without success to reply to the request in your comment to my review, but I get a "not deliverable" message each time. I agree that you should have had "the opportunity to investigate this further" and that is why I sent an email to I received no reply to that email. As I told Nick when I ran into him at the Walmart the same day he had wasted 4 hours of our vacation, I would not go back to the Grand Mayan for a thousand dollars, much less for $300. I will, however, be happy to share my thoughts with you should you really care to follow up.




Dear "Sundance1081":

The comment you have posted on this site has been brought to our attention. As you can imagine, monitoring the internet is an impossible task for anyone, so we sometimes rely on the help of our committed clients to inform us about this type of remarks when we are not contacted through the proper channels.

We would like to be given the opportunity to investigate this further as this does not reflect the way we threat our guests. If you received such treatment from members of our staff, we would like to be able to report it and take the necessary actions to prevent this from happening again. Moreover, we will be more than happy to repay you as expected; contact us to provide us your information and make things right.

So forth, you can email us at We would very much like to know who you are to provide you personalized assistance.

We value and respect both our members and non members. Allow us to provide you the quality service you deserve as honoured guests of our brands that continuously receive recognitions throughout the international travel industry.

We are grateful for your time.

Sincerely,Karen Rose Customer Support Representative.

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