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Where to begin . . . this scam involves so many people . . . we were walking in downtown Puerto Vallarto and a guy at a tequila shop (timeshare rep) called out to us and said "hey, I work at the hotel you are staying at" and bonded with us over our hotel while giving us shots of tequila to taste. Only in hindsight did I realize he did NOT work at our hotel but had seen our all inclusive wristbands . . . His name is Omar Perez and he is a liar. At any rate, we agreed to go to the timeshare presentation in exchange for two swim with dolphins experience and 2 bottles of tequila - were told he would pick us up at our hotel and they'd pay for taxi there and back and feed us a buffet breakfast. All that was fine. We were told it would take 90 minutes from the time we got to the presentation.

We arrived at the presentation at 8:30. At about 9 we were hooked up with our "rep" Phillip who took us to breakfast. Can't deny it, the buffet was really great. During breakfast, Phillip basically felt us out for our financial profile to see if we could afford the timeshare or not - at least this was my take on it.

We are a *** couple and I'm not kidding you - the first thing Phillip said to us even before breakfast was "you are a couple? you don't look ***. come on, you're lying, etc."

After breakfast, Phillip showed us around the grounds - again, can't lie, beautiful place. Some of the things he said to us on the tour included, "can I watch you two kiss?" "how often do you two make love a week" "if i watch you kiss, i could join in", "everyone likes a little *** now and then", "i had sex for 3 hours with my girlfriend and she had four ***". Um, I'm not actually squeamish about sex talk per se, but really????? This is who the company has as a representative. Just saying, GROSS.

After the tour, (about 10:30 at this time) we went to the "SALES ROOM" where we were basically offered a package that I think was: 2 weeks at the resort each year, one "vida" week where you pay 199 for a week stay, the normal international exchanges and all that for a bargain price of around $60,000 a year. When we balked at the price, he basically said "you know you can afford this." (We really can't).

We told him an outright "no, we won't waste your time." He brought the price down to 45k and threw in an extra week or something. We repeated "NO", we told him it wasn't even just the price, we simply did not want to purchase this. The price came down again. Long story short, we kept asking to leave, he kept leaving and telling us he would go put in the paperwork for our gifts, and he kept coming back to us with a new deal. This went on for HOURS. At this point we were extremely pissed and tired. My girlfriend told him "we are done." He got really pissed off at her and basically told her "you are an ***; your girlfriend sees this is a good deal. You are too *** to see it. I hope that she comes back here in two years after she dumps you with a girlfriend who will let her do what she wants. You are controlling her and she should leave you." REALLY????? At this point, we stated again, we want our gifts and we want to go.

He left again to get our paperwork and a new guy showed up to make us a final offer. The final offer was 7000 and included 4 weeks at resort per year, 25 Vida weeks, international exchanges, option to have them rent out the property for us. To be honest, for 7000 this sounded like a great deal and had we not been so upset by Phillips behavior we may well have purchased but we said no.

The new guy took us to go leave, and we ended up IN ANOTHER ROOM with someone who needed to do a "survey" - we complained, did the *** survey and got another rock bottom deal of 5500 but now the deal changed to something at this point I was too *** tired to understand - this deal was like a pay per use type of thing, which upon reflection made no sense at all.

Finally ANOTHER manager showed up and as an apology offered us 2 cruises (which we would get to pay for - some apology), and a week at the resort (which we would get to pay for - some apology) and a new and final rock bottom price of 3950 for the same 5500 deal which didn't make sense.

We declined and finally left. The guy giving us our incentives tried to pitch us something and i think he could tell my our look to shut up. We got our stuff and left.

WE SPENT OVER EIGHT (8) HOURS AT THIS PRESENTATION - that is a day of vacation I will never get back. We were INSULTED in a variety of ways, and then apologized to in a way that offered us nothing.

If Vida wants us to have a different perspective of their company, I invite them to extend an offer to us to stay for a week FOR FREE at one of their resorts, or offer us a FREE cruise or vacation of some sort. I would even consider sitting through a sales pitch again, but I need Vida to make a sincere apology to us for the absolute waste of our time. Shame on Vida for using such sales tactics. I mean really, from 60,000 to 3950????? And the change of deals makes it very hard to know what you are getting. I've since heard from people who purchased that it is a very hard company to work with, property is never available, customer service is bad, you can't rent back like they say you can.

Ruth Gewing, Livermore, CA


Product or Service Mentioned: Vida Vacations Sales Representative.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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El Dorado Hills, California, United States #589524

I recently purchased a Mayan timeshare with vida weeks for about $7K which seemed like a deal. It included 3 mayan weeks and 2 vida weeks per year.

In the presentation they said we could sell them back our mayan weeks for $700 each ($2100 total for all three weeks per year). I'm hoping that we did not get totally boned.

If we did I run a media production company and will definitely have a field day. Time will tell.

to ***tactsquid Los Angeles, California, United States #827183

We had a similar experience. We were told we could sell back our Mayan weeks for $1000/week plus get our $529 back.

None of this has happened. Everything costs more money. Now Vida wants $2999 fee for lifetime membership plus $29/year. It's never ending and definitely a scam.

It sounded like such a good deal but nothing we were told was true.

The contract is not the same as the verbal promises. What a sucker!


Whitin five labor days of your purchase please contact PROFECO in Mexico.

With only a call to the Mayan Palace they are able to have your money back.

Mayan palace ask you to sign that you are not going to tell anybody what really happened.

to james . happy end Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #703372

How did you get them to give you your money back??


Can't we all get together and hire a lawyer and put them out of business?

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