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Vida Vacations is playing dirty, dirty tricks to *** people out of their hard earned money. It's such a well orchestrated scam it's no wonder they have such a notorious reputation. They scammed me out of $8,500!

I already owned a timeshare at The Marriott in FL and told them I couldn't use two. They offered me $19,800 credit to take the Marriott off my hands, I kept telling the no. Then a manager comes over and offers to give back the Marriott and still apply the $19,800 credit. I should have smelled a rat right there. The manager goes on to say that I could sell the Marriott and then the Vida weeks would "be a wash" (his words). I told him I had already tried to sell it and the resale market was terrible.

He said the brokers they use for rental and resale could easily sell it because they sell them to Mexican families trying to get US travel visas. With deeded US property they would be assured to be approved for a travel visa. I still wouldn't buy. That's when the manager put me on the phone with one of the brokers on the list.

The broker guaranteed to sell the Marriott in no more then 90 days repeating the story about the travel visas, in fact he said he had people waiting for central FL properties because it is close to Disney.

The story made a lot of sense and I bought....turns out it was non-sense! I just never thought that this huge company who touts their partnerships with Cirque du Soleil, Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman would need to sell like that or be allowed to sell like that. Based on reading the reviews (which I should have done beforehand), its condoned by has to be, its been going on for years.

I will be contacting the US Embassy in Mexico and Washington to inform them of this scheme. As well as sending my experience to the three "partners" mention.

I have never used any weeks and the broker still hasn't sold my Marriott or rented the weeks they also promised to rent. The broker recently called to upsell into a premium plan...this after they did absolutely nothing they promised. Thanks for the recommendation Vida!

I want a REFUND!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Vida Vacations Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $8500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Please clarify your complaint. Was $8,500 the amount you paid for your Vida Vacations membership?

Don't you think you would receive any value from any of your weekly vacations at Vidanta? If so, and you paid $8,500, then your monetary loss would be a lesser amount. Your complaint didn't state what you purchased (Grand Luxxe, Grand Bliss, Grand Mayan, or Mayan Palace). I assume Vida Vacations provided you the webpage or other contact information for an agent to list your US timeshare.

For timeshares, like all other real estate listings, it is the buyer who determines the asking price. Perhaps you over-estimated the value of the US timeshare, and thus nobody provided an offer. Try lowering the price. It sounds to me like your complaint should be against the company listing your US timeshare, not against Vida Vacations.

What do you anticipate to gain from informing the US Embassy in Mexico?

Vida Vacations conducts business exclusively in Mexico. Contact PROFECO, if you believe Vida Vacations actions are contrary to Article 56.

to PEMCO #1520495

You moron...I would suspect she anticipate gaining her money back that Vida stole from her by falsely telling her they would sell her timeshare when they had no intention of selling it. We had the same song and dance about renting out our timeshare.You are an employee of Vidanta - you have no standing commenting on anyone's review of your horrible company.

If it's such a wonderful company, why do so many people want out of their contracts?

Why won't your company release anyone who wants out? These bad reviews hurt you more than releasing unhappy customers.

Dallas, Texas, United States #903281

My God, they must stay up late coming up with this stuff. It always goes back to the same question.....why does ownership permit it?

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