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Full discloser, I am an ex-sales rep that worked in Nuevo Vallarta, yes I am disgruntled but it doesn't mean I'm lying. I'm sure what I'm going to write will sound very familiar to those who have been snared in the Mayan trap.

Vida has the absolute best timeshare locations in the world, that's a fact. A tremendous amount of money is spent on the development and it shows. And if you buy it for the right reasons you will be vey happy.

However, there aren't many people who buy that aren't lied to. The lying is on an instutional level, we were trained to lie. For a while I was touring people who don't own with the Mayan, and we were trained to lie about the prospects about rental income and resale if they needed to get rid of a timeshare. Those were the two biggest lies then there was the BS about how using HSI (no longer used) would get you more than you actually could ever get. This BTW this is all covered in the video The Philanthropist and his Mayan Empire which the Mayan had take down from YouTube. Most of the reps I know have downloaded copies so it's out there.

Then this year I decided to move to the members line. The big lies there are, it's deeded. It's not, the way we were supposed to pitch it is very convincing an I was amazed how nobody realizes that what they bought was exactly what they had before. They other BS they feed you is the residence weeks will have the same power as the registered weeks, not true. There are no priority reservations , people complain how come couldn't get in, then buy a priority contract but again it's the same as they had before. There's a whole bunch more BS but I would take days to write it all.

What is amazing is that they have driven the commissions down to nothing charging the reps for EVERYTHING. Selling a $20,000 deal you would be lucky to get $3,000 pesos. They actually expect us to lie as they train us, feed us crumbs and expect loyalty. I'm sure my friends that are still there are thinking I'm screwing them. Maybe this will get Kelsey to take a look at what he's paying and ask himself if he would work for what he expects the reps to work for.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $1.

I didn't like: Staff.

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Oxford, Ohio, United States #924317

Any advice, as a former sales rep, on how we could get any redemption? We are in our second year of a ten year contract.

Our extra weeks have NEVER been rented! We first purchased at the Mayan Palace and had ten extra weeks. Then, after one year of no rental money coming in, we were told that those units at the Mayan Palace were not in high demand. We were encouraged to upgrade to "The Bliss." So, now we have 4 extra weeks there, and after another year of no rental fees coming in, we know we have been duped.

This is so embarrassing and humiliating! I'm sure if we were to call in about this, we would be encouraged to upgrade again.

That is NOT going to happen! With 109 complaints listed, isn't there something we could all do to get refunded?

to Anonymous Oxford, Ohio, United States #934810

Our issues have finally been clarified and satisfactorily resolved.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #919993

The gravy train of making great money selling timeshare in Mexico is done! Except for the few at the top, the powers that be seemed to have gotten together to drive the commissions way down and they're still the days of 10 points are over.

Look around the sales rooms it's mostly locals who are thrilled to make 25 to 30k pesos a month.

They've discovered the Gringo talent was over paid.....numbers don't lie. Yeah sales might take a little dip but they've cut commissions 60/70%.

I'm sure the PD's laugh amongst themselves wondering why the experience reps are still there. It was a good run for a lot of people.

Ballston Lake, New York, United States #918652

Nice job. Vida has seemingly stopped buying off customers who are unhappy.

People like Christie and (Deb & Sarah) deserve to be heard and compensated by Vida. But, even if they are, your comments will stick around. There is no way to buy you off. Sorry about the bad experience.

Sales is always a tough racquet. Good luck in the future.

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