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Dear Ivan,

As you know I have posted here twice Nov. 19 and Dec. 23. We have attempted to resolve this off line numerous times and have been met with silence. The reason Ms. Rose stated my pleas will be ignored is because I have chosen to use a third party, this Ms. Rose states is "company policy". This is just another example of Vida taking advantage. As is any dispute a consumer has a right to seek counsel from anyone who may add depth of knowledge to their particular situation. Your contract does say I will need an attorney if I choose to fight this in a Mexican court, but you won't allow me to seek assistance otherwise.....absurd. Is this Vida's stated position, to deny consumers their rights?

Ivan if by chance you have not been involved in the decision making on my case up to this point we please ask you to review its facts.

1) Putting me on the phone with one of Brokers on the list your sales people so highly tout. This was done to overcome my reluctance to sign your contract, the brokers validated all the claims of rental demand/income made by the sales rep and his manager.

2) The Broker also guaranteed the resale of my Marriott timeshare through a program in which Mexican citizens who were seeking U.S. travel visa were paying top dollar for such weeks. Owning these weeks would guarantee them approval of said visas, and because mine is in the Orlando area he stated it would be sold in less than 60 days....guaranteed! No I don't have it in writing because I believed I was dealing with a truthful legitimate organization.

Sadly this is a pattern all to familiar when it comes to Vida sales tactics. As you can see I have never used my weeks nor received one dime of rental income and what has recently come to light about one of the listed brokers being indicted on federal fraud charge should only bolster my claim. Although I did not use Resort Rentals, the broker that was put on the phone with me during my presentation was GGC, also another scam operation based on the volume of complaints.

In my posting on Dec. 23 I asked for your intervention and have been met with silence. Are we to accept this as your approval of the duplicitous sales tactics employed by Vida's sales teams?

We anxiously await your reply.


Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $8500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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As an ex-employee at the Playa del Carmen resort I can tell you that the visa pitch was part of the training. I was one of the Phoenix recruits and didn't stay very long, less than a year actually.

Honestly most of the training was about rental and exchanging for more then you owned.

I left because first I didn't make the money they talked about and that was probably because I wasn't very convincing, I knew most of what I was saying probably would never happen. I always wondered what became of the people like the one who posted this.

I actually did put clients on the phone with one of the brokers once, but I didn't help me get a deal. The sales process is so well organized it's amazing, they've been doing it so long and so many times a day, there's not much they haven't thought of.

New Windsor, New York, United States #925256

My salesman used the same lie regarding selling my Marriott timeshare. How many days after you signed the contract did you try to get out of it.

I will be there in August. I can't wait to approach the liars in person.

to kiki #925276

Yes the U.S. visa pitch has been going on awhile.

It happened to me almost 2 yrs ago. But the genius of their scam is you don't know you've been scammed until it's too late. If they used the visa scheme on you write a letter to the US Embassy in Mexico City

Be 100% factual, I know The Embassy is aware of this. They really have no authority to force Vida's hand but if enough people prove they've been taken advantage of they can issue a warning on the State Dept website travel section.

Again be truthful it's critical to remaining credible.

You are perfectly within your right to inform the authorities. Just keep posting as much as humanly possible and when you go in Aug tell everyone you can without being a pest about the true nature of the sales team.

And send your experience to the PR dept of Cirque du Soleil.

Good Luck and keep spreading the word!

to Nadine1063 Oxford, Ohio, United States #926567

I sent my letter of complaint to The Embassy yesterday. I hope we will be refunded.

I also sent a letter to Cirque du Soleil. We had to do something!

to Anonymous Oxford, Ohio, United States #934800

Our issues have been clarified and have been satisfactorily resolved.

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