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I would like to share my experience with the Vidanta company and their Vida lifestyle/ Destinos Unlimited scam and LIES. Basically my friend and I each ended up giving Vidanta $2300 for free.

The service they offer has absolutely NO worth! Especially if you don't live in the US. They know it and yet they were ruthless in their lies and deceits to have us sign the memberships. Even when my friend clearly stated she had quit her job and was currently unemployed, they showed no mercy.

They are very well trained to play with your mind. Please please please learn from our mistakes and do NOT sign anything with them, just run away! Even Booking.com offers better deals and for free! Let me demonstrate below.

You reading this means you have already some idea about how they send their recruitment soldiers to have you attend the breakfast presentation that will waste your day so I will not elaborate on that. Because the story continues... So after my friend and I got entrapped into getting the $18000 membership (still don't know how because we are both sensible, not gullible people but they are very very good at mindtricks) we went back to cancel the contract and claim our money. Besides their "we understand, sorry you want to cancel, of course we'll give you a full refund" speech, they wouldn't let us go so easily.

Indeed we ended up meeting with 3 other sales people who each time introduced themselves as being supervisor of the previous one and therefor being able to offer us "better" and cheaper deals. So..... we fell for it again! Seriously these guys are brainwashers!!

So finally here is the deal we signed for for $2300: LIE/DECEIT #1 We give you $2300 worth of Vida dollars to spend online on the goods we sell with our partners. Here is the check to show you. FACT We only got $1000 worth of the so-called Vida dollars. The check given is only redeemable at PARTICIPATING Vida Vacation resorts.

Not that it matters so much in the end because 1: I went online to their shop and all they ask is for your card details, there's is NO mention on how to use these Vida dollars and 2: they only mail to the USA and Canada and...we are French citizens living in France. CONCLUSION Vidanta sold us this Vida dollars service they KNEW we would not be able to benefit from. LIE/DECEIT #2 We have many partners in the world and you will be able to use your Vida Adventure weeks in many locations around the world. FACT The Adventure weeks involved a studio unit for up to 6 people for a price ranging between $49 and $499 a week so that sounded very interesting.

But... they do NOT have all these partners and the locations they offer besides the US are very limited: basically only Mexico, Indonesia and The Dominican Republic, the latter already being dead cheap to stay at a resort. CONCLUSION They sell you resorts around the world for a good value but they really have only a handful of countries to offer. LIE / DECEIT #3 "You want to stay at the Marriott in NYC or the Sheraton in Tokyo?

No problem! Our Destinos Unlimited program give you access to exclusive wholesale pricing on hotel brands and allow you to savings for up to 60% off the best available market rates. FACT After scrolling the DESTINOS online catalogue the best savings I found was of 15% off the market price. I went further, picked up a random offer of some hotel in Indonesia for only $349 the week.

Except that when I searched that exact same hotel with the exact same type of accommodation and the exact same dates I found a deal at 205€ (~$250) on Booking.com!! CONCLUSION The membership you pay $2300 allows you to find some accomodation you will pay more money than if you had booked it by yourself. If that's not a scam I don't know what is. LIE / DECEIT #4 "There are no annual fees to this contract.

You pay only once. This $99 fee? Oh no, this isn't anything, only if you want the services of a concierge" FACT Yes! There IS an annual fee of $99.

Actually the exact same one I had enquired about but was told that covered an optional concierge service. LAST IMPORTANT FACT To make sure you won't turn back on your decision you have to wait for a whole month before they send you your login details to access their website and so-called deals.

Thus the time you realise that this is all smoke and rubbish there is nothing more you can do legally to claim your money back. You are warned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vida Vacations Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I think the program you bought into has mostly less than desirable dates available. The highest demand at Vida Vacations properties is for weeks 51-week 17.

Most owners from Canada and the US prefer not to visit during the long hot summer months. Thus, your program appears to be designed to provide occupancy during the long hot summer. .Look at it from my perspective. I put out some cash to own at the Grand Luxxe Residential Loft.

Don't you think I would be less than pleased if I were to request accommodations during the peak winter weeks, and told that people with a fraction of my financial investment were occupying the week I wanted?I think Vida Vacations sells your package, so you will come to the resort during the hot summer months, enjoy the first-class accommodations. Realizing you would probably prefer the more mild weather of the winter months, Vida Vacations anticipates you will return to the salesroom and trade=in your package for a more expensive and more flexible package.


Oh please Pemco, whether you are a member or employee you gotta know the sales team is still up to their nasty lying. The resorts are the best in Mexico no doubt....but the way it's pitched is total BS. We no longer attend the presentations but we chat around the pool with those who have and its seems they're back to the rental scam amongst other untrue promises.Be honest Pemco.

to Anonymous #1449145

Thank you for this. I did not even bother to reply to Pemco's comment that strongly reminded me of the sales pitches that made me waste my money in the first place. I really hope my review will help others not to fall in that trap

to CaroleB #1449335

He's definitely an employee who's been tasked with rebuttals. He completely ignores the deceitful tactics. IF he truly is a Member he knows you can't actually purchase without being lied to on some level.Again we love staying there, the hotel staff are life family now but unfortunately the sales staff need to screw countless people in order to keep their jobs.




Your complaint is not helpful. Why is Vida Vacations a "scam"?

What were you told, and why do you feel they were lies? What has no worth?

At Vida Vacations you purchase at one location, but have the privilege of vacationing at any of their available locations. When the Cirque du Soleil theme park opens in Nuevo Vallarta (NV), the trading power of all Vidanta properties in NV will increase significantly.

Available beachfront property within a reasonable distance of Cancun's international airport is diminishing.

Thus, over the next few years demand will continue to increase, while supply will level.

I have found Vidanta to be a company with integrity and honesty. Due to poor economic forecasting, Vidanta does not always deliver on time, but eventually they do deliver.

Each venue is more incredible. It is a joy going to and participating in the activities of their resorts.

to PEMCO #1519286

Their complaint is completely helpful. I wish we would have read it prior to going to this timeshare.

Vida sales force is a completely fraudulent bunch of people. They should be ashamed of what they do for a living.

PEMCO - I realize you work for them and so does everyone else on this site. Just stop - you behave exactly like them which is not the least bit surprising.

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